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Tips for Choosing the Right Crate for Your Dog


One of the most effective ways of carrying and transporting your dog safely is in a crate. You should ensure your dog feels secure and comfortable in the crate. Below are some tips you should follow to help you find the right crate for your dog.


  1. i) Check the material

Consider the material used to make the dog create. Most crates available in the market are made of plastic, soft materials or wire.  It is important to know the pros and cons of the various materials before buying. Here is an overview of the crates:


o             Plastic crates - These are den-like enclosures that make dogs feel safe. Cleaning plastic dog crates is quite easy.


o             Wire crates - Carrying and storing wire dog crates is easy as they can be collapsed. These crates have adequate ventilation and are best for carrying dogs that usually feel hot due to the weather or having a heavy coat. You can easily create a den-like atmosphere for your dog by covering the crate with a towel.


o             Soft-sided crates - These crate may be made of a variety of materials, including nylon and canvas. These crates are best for carrying your dog when you are traveling. The crates are also easy to clean. For more details about dogs, visit http://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2017/03/14/jack-russell-flops-dog-show-orig.cnn.


  1. ii) Size of the crate

Consider the size of the dog crate you would like to buy. Ideally, you should go for a crate that will allow an adult dog to stand up and raise its head without encountering any obstructions. Also, ensure your dog can turn around in a full circle in the crate. Be careful not to buy an oversized dog crate.


Having the right crate size at this homepage will prove helpful when it is time to train your dog. For example, if you have a small-size dog and there is a lot of room in the crate, he may soil at one side and sleep on the other. If this happens, place a partition in the crate to reduce the size. You can adjust the partition to create more space as the dog grows.


iii)           Leaving the dog in the crate

If you will be leaving the dog in the crate alone for several hours, it's important to place a water bowl inside.  You can also put some treats in the crate to ensure the dog will be busy while you will be away. You can also put crate pads insider to make the dog more  comfortable.