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Guide to Choosing a Dog Crate


When you purchase a dog, one of the basic first equipment you should get is a crate. Do not ignore buying a crate because it looks like a cage. Think of it as a modern version of a den.  Even when inside the crate, your dog will still have some of the characteristics and qualities  that his ancestors had.


Before man started domesticating dogs, wild dogs used to shelter in dens. These were simply narrow passages or shallow holes. The dens were just large enough to allow the dogs to lie down comfortably or turn around. Wild dogs sheltered in dens to stay safe from potential attackers. So, a crate is basically a modern version of the den. The den gives your dog private space and can be helpful in housebreaking training as well as preventing the dog from engaging in destructive chewing habits.


When you want to buy a dog crate at this website, there are various things you should consider. Among the factors to consider are safety, size and materials.


Safety of Dog Crates

While you are away, the crate will ensure that your dog does not jump or destroy your furniture from curiosity. Apart from this, your dog will be kept safe from potentially dangerous situations that can arise when you are not around to supervise him. Like is the case with a child car seat, you should properly secure the dog crate before going for any trips. When the pet is in the crate, remove the safety to ensure the dog does not get chocked, trapped or stuck.


Size of the Crate

You will come across dog crates of different sizes. You should determine the right dog crate size to buy. Search online for dog crate size charts for a guide on the right size to select for your dog. Generally, you should consider the length and height of your dog to know the right crate size to buy. Buy a crate that will allow your dog to stand up, without his head being obstructed. The dog should also be able to stretch his body in full length and lie down without being squeezed. To understand more about dogs, visit http://www.ehow.com/videos-on_198_groom-dog.html.


You can get a crate that has a divider the panel. The panel allows you to save money as you can adjust the dog area as he grows, hence eliminating the need to buy a larger size crate.


Follow the two tips above when choosing a dog crate.